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Map an effective professional learning pathway for your school or district

When educators are empowered, students succeed.


Professional Learning Workshops and Programs

Through workshops, coaching, and collaborative communities of practice, we provide comprehensive support to help educators turn instructional strategies into action for stronger student outcomes.

Learn more about how our combination of research-based instruction, collaboration, practice, and coaching can help you build capacity and meet district literacy goals.

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Brain-Based Literacy Instruction

This comprehensive professional learning program features a combination of live online workshops, collaborative communities of practice, and individual coaching that gives educators the understanding, tools, and practice needed to apply the science of reading and close the literacy gap.

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Thought Leadership & Community

Leadership transcends title and position and lies in the ability to influence and persuade others. Our mission is simple: to smash the literacy gap by applying the science of reading to all grades and stages of a student’s reading journey, and to drive successful outcomes for all students.

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Webinars and Events for Educators

In addition to Professional Learning courses, we offer ongoing events where educators can receive continuing education certificates.

Connect with us during virtual Spotlight events, webinars, and in-person at national conferences.